Peter File is one of the members of the SNG (Stupid Name Gang.) Other people in his group include Al Coholic, Hugh Jass, Alpha Kenny Wun, Bertie Astard, Ivona Tinkle, Bea O'Problem, Will U. Humpme, Amanda Huggenkiss, Ollie Tabooger, Eura Snotball, Isa Nobhead, Allota Fagina, Aldolf Oliver Nippels (ate off all of her nipples), Ayma Turd, Dan Gleebitz, Anita Cock, Anna Linjection, Drew Peacock, Dick N. Cider, Igor Beaver, I.P Freely, Jacques Strap, Jack Koff, Ivana Kutchucokoff, Ivana Humpalot, Oliver Clothesoff, Seymour Butz, Homer Sexual, Mike Rotch, Maya Buttreeks, Maya Normousass, Olav Myfriendsaregay, Mike Hunt, Mike Oxbig, Pat Mycock, Hugh G. Rection, and Chi Spurger. Lol. (Oh, I have too much time to think of these names...)


Peter File is the Animal Operator, and so has many evil animal minions at hs command! They include...

Crazed Robot Chipmunks

Supersonic Angry Teleporting Hamsters

Genetically Engineered Stealthy Vampire Pandas that can control minds

Insane Radioactive Geckos with Laser Eyes

Regenerating Psychic Hippos with Self-Destruct Devices

Muderous Mechanical Sheep who live to destroy

Super-Fast Assasin Squirrels that shoot poison darts

Super-Strong Iguanas

Anthropomorphic Beserk Penguins

Radioactive Bears powered by atomic energy

Guant Crazed Chickens

Demonic Yorkshire Terriers that spew deadly parasites

Beserk Super-Intelligent Mice armed with Machine Guns

Miniature Armoured Shape-Shifting Pigs

Giant Mechanical Guinea-Pigs

Hateful Supersonic Capybaras that are immune to bullets

Miniature Sneaky Regenerating Monkeys who feed off fear

Telepathic Crocodiles that can interface with electronic devices

Enormous Barbaric Throat-Ripping Sloths

Insane Vampire Possums that can emmit electrical bursts

Psychopathic Kangaroos that can walk up walls

Android Chihuahuas with laser eyes

Stealthy Cheetahs that can control minds

Super Fast Ferrets with heat vision

Regenerating Supersonic Cyborg Manatees

Genetically-Engineered Insane Wildebeest that can breath fire

Murderous Psychic Penguins

Radioactive Acid-Spitting Ducks

Miniature Red-Eyed Platypuses armed with AK47s

Invisible Sneaky Man-Eating Chipmunks

Armoured Assasin Mechanical Porcupines

And Quite A Lot More...

Other StuffEdit

He is a top-secret scientist and has an enormous brain that he transfers into the brain of turkey in story 7 who goes crazy and Fred and the crew have to stop him...

He also created the Gang of Seals , but they were too chavvy so he deserted them on Spunkyspunkydickydickywankbangspunkstorm Island.