Jim is Fred's second most important villain.


Jim is a small, brown hedgehog. That is, basically, his description. I could right more, about his anatomy and digestive system and the fact that he has terrible constipation because his butthole is so small. But, to be honest, I can't be bothered.


Jim once lived a normal life, until Fred came along, that is. Fred was chasing a minor villain, the Telletubbies. Yep, terrible villains, the Telletubbies. They commited many crimes, such as gang raping the Tweenies and blowtorching Clifford the Big Red Dog, as well as going on a killing spree in Pingu's house. L. O. L. Z. ANYWAY, Fred was chasing him in his weed hacker car, and he accidentally ran over two hedgehogs, and they couldn't be ressurected because they suffered being sliced into several pieces as well. These hedgehogs, however, were Jim's parents, and Jim vowed to get vengeance. Jim has been harassing Fred ever since, his preferred weapons being machetes and miniguns. But, he is part of a secret society known as the WWWS – the Woodland Wildlife Warfare Society, and a bunch of secret agent squirrels continue to resurrect him when ever he dies. Will be ever die? Who knows...

Well, we do, but we're not gonna tell you. Or maybe we will! Actually, no. Get stuffed.