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Welcome to A crap waste of time

This is a wiki about STOP CHEWING mY COCK U BASTARD!!! BAD DOG!!! Ok, anyway, it's about DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT YOU DUMB CHILD!! I'M WRITING! Go AND EAT SOM SWEETS OR SOMETHING!! HEY, KEEP AWAY FROM THAT 300 DEGREE OVEN!!!! oh well, in the words of some singer, BURN BABY BURN. oh I give up... This wikis a about a stickfigure oh and hes called Fred!!

Proper introEdit

Ok, Ok its clear that I had other things going on when I wrote the other intro, but I was unable to avoid it. This is the Wiki for a stickfigure called Fred, his friends and there many adventures in time and space.

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